Public Relations (PR)


Public relations is an art. Public relations and its strategic communication build relationships with key stakeholders, including customers, prospects, investors, and the public at large.


By deliberately managing the disbursement of information, GAM PR professionals get you and your organization media exposure so vital to raising image.  We use topics of public interest and news items that catch the attention of the press.  In return, you receive cherished “earned media.”  Earned media is much more effective and persuasive because one earns press coverage with a compelling story and doesn’t buy it, as one does when advertising. Earned media is the most coveted form of PR because it is a third-party verification of an organization’s brand, message, product, service, and expertise in a given field.


PR plays a vital role in influencing public opinion, as well as shaping and strengthening customer relationships. GAM develops thoughtful public relations strategies for our customers to gain a competitive advantage and earn brand trust.


Our press releases are compelling news stories and not frivolous information. We know the former receives attention from media outlets. The latter gets file 13. GAM also offers other forms of PR, including planning events, seminars, and panel discussions.


There are additional PR strategies for grass-roots campaigns, and, as the COVID-19 pandemic has shown us, a crisis management plan must be on every organization’s to-do list.


GAM’s experienced in-house marketing, advertising, and public relations professionals are ready to serve as an extension of one’s staff or as the agency of record. We are available on a project-by-project basis, or we will sign an annual contract. GAM does not require retainer fees. We are flexible, reasonable, knowledgeable, and capable of taking your business to the next level.



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